Gwen Shows Her Friend How to Kill Things

Hello again!  I'm very pleased to be bringing you the third preview release of Gwen.  Gwen now meets her friend and shows her that killing things is a lot of fun!  Her quest requires her to go on a magical journey, and a bit of detective work will now show her how.  She can't actually leave yet because that part of the story hasn't been written.

In fact about half of Gwen's story has now been written, but many of the technical issues with the game have been worked out, so the second half should be a bit quicker.  Playing Gwen all the way through now will probably take about two hours, and it will be four to five by the time the game is finished.

Music and sound effects have been added, and many bugs have been fixed.  Probably many new bugs have been introduced!

Gwen is still in very early access.  I will probably announce the transition to early access once there is a complete draft of the second half.

Gwen now has a free trial and once you complete that, you will be asked to pay £2.45 ($3.17, €2.83) by PayPal.  (You can't pay through Itch because they don't support chargeable browser games as yet.)

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