Gwen's Inner Monster has More Things to Kill

Hello!  Things have slowed down a bit since the hectic pace of the Gothic Novel Jam, but I am delighted to bring you the first update to Gwen.  There is a new quest line in which a boy from Gwen's school has two problems for her to solve.  He has a monster in the basement, and he has a sister.  The monster and the sister are probably different individuals.

The fights have been improved.  When you are attacked, you now have the option of falling over, twisting your ankle, and all sorts of other things.  You don't have long to decide what you're going to do, so you might find yourself taking one of these not-so-good options.

Bugs have been fixed.  If you die during a fight, you now get to try again, even if you didn't save your game.

Gwen is still in very early access, and the transition to early access is some way off.  This is because Gwen's inner monster still has a lot of anger to work through before it will feel satisfied.  How many people will die along the way?

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