I’ve been asked to introduce myself, so here goes. I’m Gwen. Some people try to tell me I’m pretty but when I look in the mirror I can see I look ugly and... wrong, somehow. Boys can see that too. Boys don’t tell me I’m pretty, in fact they never seem to notice that I’m a girl at all. I’m awkward when meeting people, especially boys I like. I get tongue-tied and stare without saying anything. The longer I stare, the more I panic, and the harder it is to think of something to say.

I was given a sword, beautifully light, beautifully sharp. It’s a sabre, made from modern steel. It’s ideal for killing monsters and, well, killing things that aren’t monsters. You just haven’t lived until you’ve stood over something you’ve killed, watching its blood dribble into a pool on the floor.

I don’t tell my parents about the sword or what I use it for. They just wouldn’t understand. Anyway, I’m grown up now, so I shouldn’t have to tell them everything I do. My brother doesn’t tell them he smokes pot, so I’m not going to tell them I kill things.



Gwen is a text-based interactive story. Mostly you make choices by clicking or tapping links, but you also get to fight monsters and things that aren’t monsters.

Gwen has a free trial and once you complete that, you will be asked to pay £2.45 ($3.17, €2.83) by PayPal.  (You can't pay through Itch because they don't support chargeable browser games as yet.)

Very Early Access

This was an entry for the Gothic Novel Jam, ‘the monster within’. The first adventures are finished and playable, but Gwen will have many more adventures once I’ve written them. If you’re interested in playing those adventures once they’re available, the easiest way is to use the buttons at the top right. If you Follow PeteX, you’ll get updates in your itch.io feed. If you use Add To Collection, the game will be added to one of your collections where you can easily find it again.

Please post in the Community if you have comments about the story or notice a bug. It’s not always easy to spot problems with my own work, so your input is important, and you might influence the story.

System Requirements

Gwen can be played on almost anything with a modern web browser, from phones to desktops. I currently test against desktop Chrome, mobile Chrome, and mobile Safari. More platforms will probably be added when the game is closer to a final release. Gwen doesn’t work with any version of Internet Explorer.

More Stories

I’m Pete Chown, the author of Gwen. If you’re enjoying Gwen so far, you should also like my traditional novel, Succubus, my short stories, and my previous short interactive story, The Interactive Cinderella.

Development log


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